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RADEON 7000 32/64MB AGP  
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Model No: RV6DE-A3L / B3L
Category: VGA Cards
Brand: Powercolor


- RADEON 7000

Support Memory/memory bus width
- 32 bit

- TV-Out
- DVI-I Connector

Features :

HydraVision™ multiple monitor management software
- Leading-edge RADEON™ VE a.k.a RADEON™ DUAL DISPLAY EDITION technology supports traditional CRT monitors, flat panel displays and TVs
- Multi-task with MultiDesk - Create, name, and organize up to nine active multi-monitor desktop applications
- Assign Hot Key shortcuts for the functions you use most often: moving active windows or applications, accessing controls on the fly, or opening applications - with a single keystroke
- Set your applications to automatically open in your preferred position on your monitors using the Application Position Memory feature - eliminating the need to reset your settings every time you turn on your computer

Excellent 3D performance
- RADEON™ VE a.k.a RADEON™ DUAL DISPLAY EDITION , with powerful double data rate memory, delivers excellent 3D performance in its class
- ATI's HYPER Z technology reduces memory bandwidth consumption resulting in improved performance
- RADEON™VE a.k.a RADEON™ DUAL DISPLAY EDITION supports DirectX® 7.0, and Open GL® allowing for superior graphics and 3D textures that add a more natural look to game environments
Experience the incredible 3D and DVD of RADEON?VE a.k.a RADEON™ DUAL DISPLAY -EDITION with flat panel displays to enjoy crisper and clearer images, true flat screen, reduced eyestrain and space savings
- Crisp and clear 32-bit 3D resolutions up to 1900 x 1200

Reliable and proven technology
- RADEON™ VE a.k.a RADEON™ DUAL DISPLAY EDITION employs the award-winning technology from ATI's successful graphics accelerators for consistent, stable performance
- Unified driver architecture allows for the use of one driver set across the RADEON™family of products

Industry leading DVD playback
- RADEON™VE a.k.a RADEON™ DUAL DISPLAY EDITION features ATI's VIDEO IMMERSION technology for industry leading video playback
- Integrated motion compensation & iDCT enables multi-tasking during DVD playback - even on basic PCs
- Process full-frame rate, full-screen DVD or MPEG-2 video
- ATI's adaptive de-interlacing process gives the best possible DVD video quality by reducing feathered or blurred images
- Built-in DVD playback saves the expense of buying a separate MPEG-2/DVD decoder card

Specifications :

Memory 32/64 MB 32-bit DDR SDRAM
Memory Bandwidth 2.4 GB/sec.
Pixel Pipelines 1 pixel pipelines
Pixel Fill Rate 0.15G pixels /sec.
DirectX Support 7.0
OpenGL Support 1.3
Output DVI-I / TV-Out / D-Sub
Operating systems : Microsoft® Windows® XP, Microsoft® Windows® 2000