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RADEON 9200SE 64/128MB AGP  
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Model No: R92LE-B3S / C3S
Category: VGA Cards
Brand: Powercolor
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- RADEON 9200 SE

Support Memory/memory bus width
- 64/128MB DDR SDRAM
- 64 bit

- TV-Out
- DVI-I Connector

Features :

Quad-pipe Pixel Power
A programmable graphics environment with four independent rendering pipelines gives RADEON™ 9200 Series the pixel processing power to drive today’s leading 3D applications. Matching high performance with competitive pricing, RADEON™ 9200 Series delivers barrier-free entertainment to the most demanding PC enthusiasts.

High-Performance 3D
RADEON™ 9200 Series series is the first mainstream graphics solution to combine Microsoft® DirectX® 8.1 support with AGP 8X. Twice the bandwidth of other graphics processors provides substantial horsepower for the most demanding desktop 3D applications. Add SMARTSHADER™ technology and watch RADEON™ 9200 Series handle the 3D experience
with ease.

Redefining Realism
RADEON™ 9200 Series sets new levels for visual realism in graphics and video content. SMOOTHVISION™ delivers the sharpest, clearest textures without sacrificing frame rates, while FULLSTREAM™ delivers smoother-looking, higher-quality streaming Internet content without putting extra demands on the CPU.

Monitor Management
HYDRAVISION™ provides the solution for controlling monitor real estate. RADEON™ 9200 Series supports effortless organization of multiple display configurations that increase efficiency, productivity and enhance the gaming experience.

Specifications :

Memory 64/128 MB 64-bit DDR SDRAM
AA Samples Per Second 3.2G samples/sec
Memory Bandwidth 2.7 GB/sec.
Pixel Pipelines 4 pixel pipelines
Pixel Fill Rate 0.8G pixels /sec.
DirectX Support 8.1
OpenGL Support 1.3
Output DVI-I / TV-Out / D-Sub
Operating systems : Microsoft® Windows® XP, Microsoft® Windows® 2000
Bus AGP 8X/4X