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Intelligent Stick 2.0  
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Model No: IS 2.0
Category: Intelligent Stick
Brand: pqi
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  • So thin, It fits in your wallet!
  • 40 times faster than USB 1.1
  • Driver not required
  • Lower power consumption
  • Not only a pen drive but also a memory card of IA products


Intelligent Stick 2.0 is so thin that fits in your wallet! and it is 40 times faster than USB 1.1 and no driver needed
Interface: USB1.1/2.0
Capacity: 128M/256M/512M/1GB/2GB
Data Transfer Rate: Write of over 7 Mbyte/sec and read of over 8 Mbyte/sec
Write Protect: No
OS Supported: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP , MAC OS 9, Linux 2.4.0
Power Supply: 3.3V/5V
Power Consumption: operating<140mA suspend<0.2mA
Dimensions: 43 x 18 x 2.8 mm (1.69 x 0.71 x 0.11 in)
Weight: 2.8 g (0.01 lb)
Housing: Yes
- Operating Temperature:0~65'c
- Operating Humidity: RH80%;
- non-condensing (Operating)